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“At TBH, I feel I have the ability to make a significant impact and provide value to clients at a level I have not experienced before.”

George Wheeler

Senior Manager

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, I attended the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and Middle Tennessee State University, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting with a minor in Business Administration.

I spent 7+ years at Deloitte, starting as an internal auditor before transitioning to serving clients in the audit practice. During my audit tenure, I served both public and private sector clients, primarily in the manufacturing and consumer products industries, as well as life sciences, banking, technology, aerospace and defense, and hospitality. While in audit, I championed the use of analytics and audit tools to increase audit efficiency and focus on higher-risk transactions. As a manager, I gained experience leading advisory engagements, participating in the testing of new audit software, and facilitating trainings. I served on numerous advisory engagements helping clients implement new accounting standards, research technical accounting guidance, evaluate the nature of purchase agreements, and transition from IFRS-to-US GAAP accounting standards.

As I enjoyed the nature of the advisory engagements, I sought to join a boutique firm that focused on developing relationships and providing value to clients. I found the direction and key principles of TBH Consulting to be the best fit for my personal and professional goals. Since joining TBH, I have been able to provide clients with technical accounting support, as well as lead multiple purchase accounting and other technical accounting engagements. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to research upcoming changes to accounting standards and develop transition tools for clients.

When I’m not serving clients, I spend the majority of my time with my family. My wife and I stay busy with our two young sons, exploring their interests in sports, math, science, reading, geography, and the Star Wars and Marvel universes. I also read anything I can find on Tesla, cryptocurrency, and engineering.

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